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We have dreamed for many years of having a bed & breakfast. After looking in various states along the Appalachian Mountain chain, we fell in love with West Virginia & the North Fork Mountain Inn during a brief visit in October, 2005. It took us a few months to finalize the purchase and make the changes in our lives needed for a move from Indiana to West Virginia. We purchased the North Fork Mountain Inn in August, 2006 and are enjoying being Innkeepers

Ed and Carol

Meet Ed and Carol

Ed's background is in Sales & Marketing and he also has a Finance degree. He has owned his own wine sales business and is a European Trained Sommelier. He is known among friends and families as "Chef Ed" and enjoys cooking, although he rarely uses a recipe and never makes anything the same way twice.

Carol has now retired from her financial analysis job at Verizon. Carol's background is in Financial Analysis with a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and a Masters of Business Administration. She enjoys baking and looks forward to tempting you with homemade cookies and breads.
Image may be subject to copyright
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